Best Practices

January25, 2021
by swati
  1. Motivational lectures by the principal to the students ‘samvad’-

samvad is an important institutional practice. It is a direct dialogue between principal and students. It’s a platform where principal encourages students to ask their queries to help them utmost in the campus. On the onset of the session, students get a chance to understand the facilities which are provided by the college to them. Principal presents a brief introduction about all the societies and committees which are constituted to help the students. Students get  acquainted with the heads of the concerned committees and authorities so that they can use the amenities of the campus without any hindrance. Principal motivates them to gain as much as they can in the period of their graduation and induces them to pursue masters’ degree from the college in  only those subjects the college offers.

  1. Bapu Bazar by NSS –

It  is a concept of our National Service Scheme. It is organised and managed by the NSS unit of the college. They collect things from the individuals of different houses as per their interest. It intends to social service. It  is not about donating the clothes and other domestic appliances, instead, it is  a market where the slum dwellers and the poor people come to purchase the clothes and the things of domestic use. The price of the clothes and these things are as cheap as chips. It  gives them a sense of purchasing the things as a normal customer. Their dignity as a customer remains intact by fixing the price. The money collected from this noble cause is donated to orphange.


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