Institutional Distinctiveness

January25, 2021
by swati

The institution has been contributing to  the society by imparting quality education to the women for the last 50 years. The vision of the institute is transforming lives through learning. The motto of the college is ‘Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya’ i.e. ‘from darkness, lead me to light’. The college emphasizes on the empowerment of the women through the tool of education. Towards this end, the college  constantly keeps up with  its efforts by organizing motivational lectures, workshops and programs etc. The college, in this way,  nurtures  the young minds so that they can contribute as  good and altruistic  human beings  to the society, and the most importantly  to the nation. Each and every department is conscious of this vision. A number of activities were performed by the individual departments under the guidance of IQAC to strengthen the motto and vision of the college. Here is a glimpse of the activities. Competition of musical instruments was organized by the department of Music for U. G. students on September, 3, 2019. Student of Music secured third position in the Sitar playing and the third prize for western solo singing and group singing in the youth festival of the university named as “UNIFEST”. Yashvi Jain, a student of the  third year of Music department,  was conferred with the silver medal for securing highest marks in the Convocation,  2019. A small workshop and presentation on Katthak was given by the internationally acknowledged Katthak dancer, Kajal Sharma. A lecture on the different aspects of  research in Sanskrit was delivered by the assistant professor and DD NEWS anchor,  Dr. Jyoti Raj of Delhi University. To promote the language, “Sanskrit Diwas(day)” was observed when inter-college song competition in Sanskrit  was held. Our college gained second place in the competition. Plays, qawwalis and songs in sanskrit  were presented on that occasion. 81 students attended a lecture on “know your rights and duties as citizens of india” at Agra College. A documentary film on the kingdom of monkeys and empire of tigers was screened on 24.02.2020 by the department of Zoology.  A seminar on “kitchen as a pharmacy” was also organized by the department of Zoology on 22.02.2020. Our students do  not lag behind others in the field of sports. In sports, many of our  students represent the college through their selection in the national team. This time also,  by winning several trophies and medals, the department of Physical Education added glory to  the college. A  lot of activities were performed by the  department of Home Science. Educational excursion on 18.01.2020, dish competition on 27.01.2020, teaching aids for pre school children on 29.01.20, a two days workshop on Bakery by Rajkeey Khadya Vigyan Prashikshan Kendra on 31.01.2020 were organised. Remedial classes were held from 18 to 24 February,  2020. During the Covid-19,  pandemic,  6 online webinars and quizzes were organized in May and June 2020.


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